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denise says:

I hv a 6.5cm cyst dt is filling with blood,dr says I nd 2 go 4 da op,bt 2dy I ws experiencing a lot f pelvic presure and pains,ws spottin and den strtd bleedin black clots,dnt knw if my cyst hd burst,cos its da first tym I'm bleedin clots like dis,did any1 experience dis

sushil dutt says:

my 20 yrs daughter has dermoid cyst measuring 4x5 cms. Drs advise to remove sergically. pse adivse me whether any harm to pregnancy is possible after removal of cyst alongwith the ovary.

amy says:

I jus found out today I have 2 dermoid cyst and I'm 10 weeks pergo I don't understand how I got it and if it will harm tha baby

jennifer hartranft says:

i had a demoid cyst removed 2 years ago it was 7cm i was told that in all the years of being a dr. the doctor that removed it said he never seen one so weird as the one i had i was told that these cysts are unborn children is that true i have clamps on my tubes for the past 9 yrs now so i was wondering if this is what happens due to this/ please let me know because i am worried about it.

joyce musimbago says:

my baby recently had a dermoid cyst on the floor of the was seen at birth so she had surgery.what exactly caused it and will it ever come?

karlene scott says:

My 16yrs old has a dermoid cyst torsion removed could it be cancerous later .family members that pass from breast , colon, & lung cancer.where can i take my daughter for a sevond me please


gud day... i was diagnose having a 5.5 cm dermoid cyst. what if i dont go on operation?

Judy says:

I would like to if there are other means of treating dermoid cyst apart from surgery

Aribisala Tope says:

Please is there any other way of treating dermiod cyst apart from exicision?

Carmen says:

I will like to have more information about the cyst

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